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The Secure Download Manager (SDM) is a software for automatically downloading items from a site to your PC. When you download items from a site that uses the SDM, you are prompted to download and activate the SDM to your PC. Your system displays the item list, listing all items that you have downloaded. If […]
Based on data from December 2019 to November 2020. Starting in January 2020, Google search results have seen a significant drop in pirated traffic. And this is no coincidence. It was during this period that preparations began for a major update of the Google search engine, where the first took place in January, the next in May, […]
Telegram announced a competition for developers and content makers The total prize pool will reach $ 1 million. Telegram shared on its channel about plans for the coming year, not forgetting to congratulate users. In the past year, the messenger held contests with a total prize fund of $ 850,000. In 2021, Telegram is going to hold […]