How are negative keywords different from other keywords?


People wonder how are negative keywords different from other keywords? One way that a search engine can determine how negative or positive a keyword is by looking at how other similar keywords are viewed.

So if you have a negative keyword in your meta tag, the search engine will not show that website.

This is because other webpages that do not contain negative keywords are not shown on the search engines result pages (SERP).

A website with a negative keyword is considered to be spam and will receive little traffic and therefore will have a low ranking

. But it does not mean that a website with a positive keyword is ignored by the search engine because the keyword can be placed in different forms.

how are negative keywords different from other keywords

How are negative different from other ?

So, how are negative keywords different from other? Well the main difference is that they do not allow the search engine to return to a site when a user types in a certain word.

Negative are chosen based on how other words are searched for.

Let us take an example of the search “How do I lose weight” in Google. When a user searches for that term, she may get hundreds of different results depending on what she is looking for.

Some of these results may include how many books is the answer to the question, what are the best foods to eat to lose weight, and so on. The search engine will then assign a negative keyword to each of these search results.

The keyword is “Lose weight” and when a user clicks on it, the search engine will not return any website that contains that word as a negative.

So, how are negative different from other? In addition to not returning any webpages when the user types in a specific word, negative keywords also have less search volume. The higher the volume of positive keywords, the lower the search engine’s ranking of the site.

It’s hard to determine how much a low-volume negative keyword actually affects your page rank. However, you should know that such low-volume negative keywords will not be indexed by the major search engines.

Search engines do not like to provide pages which are stuffed with keywords. Even though they are searching for something, they will not give it to you just because you have used negative keywords.

If you are still confused about how are negative keywords different from other, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use them at all. You just need to be very careful with them. They are just more difficult to use than their positive counterparts.

As soon as you understand this, you will be able to use them effectively to improve your page rank.

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